1. Mum’s the Word

    Story: Jessica Rodrigo

    Photos: Kathleen Duncan

    Design: Luis Rendon

  2. Works of Cart

    Illustrations: Blain Hefner

    Stories: Jessica Rodrigo

    Photo: Kathleen Duncan

    Design: Luis Rendon

  3. POLASEK POSTPONED: Will Armstrong expected to have his final city council meeting yesterday after conceding the mayoral runoff race with Paul Polasek (shown above). Instead, other city council members cried foul with no action being taken. Read the entire drama here.

  4. Hogs & Hearts

    Photos: Angeli Wright and Kathleen Ducan

    Stories: Jessica Rodrigo

    Design: Luis Rendon

  5. BEAUTIFUL WATER! Kids are praising the heavens for the cooling waters at the newly opened Lone Tree Creek Splash Pad.

  6. BACK FROM DEATH: His family collected his insurance. The military ordered the burial. But this Vietnam veteran wasn’t dead - he was a prisoner of war.

  7. CROSSBREED: These guys and gals are monsters in the gym. The CrossFit craze has officially hit the Crossroads.

  8. Our Get Out cover model crawfish, Wilbur has a message for you.

    Get the scoop on this weekend’s Crawfish Boil here.

  9. FIRST IMPRESSION: If you’re not excited for the Victoria Independent Film Festival, then you’re doing it wrong. This year it’s more than movies. Live music and artists from across the globe are joining in on the fun.

  10. Doggy bag, anyone? Pet owners brought out their pooches to the "Dine With Your Dog" animal adoption center fundraiser at the PumpHouse restaurant. Volunteers pampered the pets with treats while owners got to dine in style.

    Photos: Kathleen Duncan/KDuncan@VicAd.com


  11. "If I accidentally get onto that new country station, I can’t get to the volume knob early enough. It’s kind of back at you, Blake."
    — Merle Haggard, reacting in an interview to Blake Shelton calling him an “old fart.” The interview only gets better folks.
  12. SPACED OUT: The planets aligned for this intergalactic musical put on by the DeLeon Elementary school students. Some funny lines?

    "I’m Uranus. I lie on my side."

    "I’m Mercury. I’m hot, rocky and small."

    "For what it’s worth, I’m the Earth."

  13. Cirque du Ethel Lee: The performers were out in style for the opening of the Ethel Lee Park amphitheater.

  14. SAYING GOODBYE TO A FRIEND: Sometimes, at the end of livestock season the painful inevitability of saying farewell is harder than you thought it would be."She always listened to me," said Mackenzie of her hog Abbey. 

  15. A HEART-SHAPED SIGN: Donna and Mike met each other on a blind date at a dance held by the Goliad Education Foundation in September 2010.

    She was an assistant administrator at a junior high school in Yoakum. He was an engineer working at DuPont, but his children and his ranch were his real passions.

    Both were divorced and determined to be through with love.

    Then things changed.